Vegetable Processing Line
We offer complete machinery for preparation, processing and Freezing (IQF) of various fresh vegetables.
Vegetable preparation equipments
Processing equipments for blanching, cooling & inspection
Individual quick freezing (qf)
Frozen store -20ºc

The line is specially - for processing and freezing of various vegetables like - Green Peas, Beans, Cauliflower, Carrots, Okra, Sweet Corn etc. It can be specially designed to meet specific customer requirements and degree of automation.

Vegetable Preparation Equipments
The preparation line consists of the following equipments: Depodder, Air Cleaner, Floatation Washer, Snippers, Dicers, Cutters, Preparation Section.

Common Processing Line For Blanching, Cooling & Inspection

The prepared vegetables are hydro - transported to a common processing line for Blanching, Cooling, Inspection and the product can be either Canned or Frozen (IQF)

We Offer Different Types Of Blanchers And Coolers For Various Applications.

Drum Blancher
Drum Cooler
Screw Blancher
Screw Type Cooler
Belt Blancher
Counter Flow Cooler
Steam Blancher    
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